The Orchard

Group day supports and group supported employment
with an open concept environment.

There’s a lot we have to offer here at The Orchard and we would love to share it with you! Here are some details about the programs we provide and some activities we do. Hope you enjoy!

Work Programs

All of our programs are developed with the employee’s goals in mind. Throughout the year, employees assist in the design and production of scented candles, dog treats, and special gifts which are sold in our nearby thrift shop. With The Orchard’s exceptional arts and crafts station, the work program gives people the appropriate space and supplies needed to let their creative images run freely.

Our work programs also produce a variety of seasonal items available for sale in the thrift shop. Seasonal flowers and plants are cared for throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  They are displayed outside on the pergola and in various locations throughout the building. In the winter months, Christmas trees and decorated wreaths of various sizes are put on display outdoors, setting the mood for holiday activities.

Fun Activities


Listening to music has been known to reduce anxiety. Music therapy is an excellent way to boost positivity and maintain a stress free environment. Performances are held at the program with live music.

Arts & Crafts

In the arts & crafts workshop, people are free to be themselves and show off their creative sides. Craft supplies are always kept in stock and periodically changed for a new experience every time.


The Orchard holds dances throughout the year which everyone is encouraged to attend. Dances help people make new friends and further strengthen existing relationships.

Life Skills

People are given powerful advice that can be used in everyday life. Advice covers topics like cleaning, shopping,household chores, money management and other skills that strengthen independence.


A wide selection of books and magazines are available throughout the day for people to read at their leisure. A comfortable sitting area promotes a calm and stress free space to enjoy reading.


People are shown different methods for preparing foods. Recipes are shared with people as well as rules for proper kitchen safety. Aprons are occasionally worn because they are fashionable!


The delicious partner to our cooking lessons. No cupcake is too sweet. Frosting is recommended, but not required. People also learn about baking utensils and proper measuring techniques.


Day programs start with morning exercises and weekly dance workouts. Regular trips are taken to the YMCA where people have access to a swimming pool, gym, and basketball court.

Computer Skills

Technology is an important and useful tool when used properly. People learn fun skills such as personalization and safe web browsing. Laptops and tablets are available for everyday use.


Painting supplies are available to anyone in our program. Supplies include easels, brushes, various paints, and premium canvases. People can take home any artwork that they create.

Scheduled Outings

Need a day getaway? No problem! We love taking day trips to fun and exciting places. In the past, we have been to places like Harkness State Park, Mystic Aquarium, and the Putnam River Trail.

Holiday Parties

The holidays are a special time for The Orchard. Parties are hosted for holidays and family members are welcome to join! Celebrations include food, music, lights, and themed decorations.